Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you know who is getting your money?

I discovered this website this is the National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. This is a list of companies that PUSH the homosexual agenda.

If you are not interested in PUSHING the Homosexual agenda, look to see if your bank, realtor, restaurant, hotel, etc is listed. You will be surprised!

I don't think a depression would be so bad...

I have been thinking... My Grandmother lived through the depression. She used items until they were not good for anything.

I have been comparing people's trash containers. We have two neighbors that are stark contrasts. Which has got me thinking. An older couple, they do not have ANY trash pickup. They recycle or reuse or compost all their "trash". Then we have three college students that have their trash receptacle full for pick up, which can be twice a week. Then us, we could have pick up once every two weeks.

Are we just such a throw a way society that we don't save our money or are things?

This is what has got me thinking... maybe a depression would force our society to save. I have heard stories: of mothers giving haircuts and saving the hair for pillows or quilts, etc.

Maybe a depression would help us appreciate what we have and cherish it?