Friday, November 20, 2009

I am a Human Conservationist!

We are studying Biology in homeschool this year... There are many animal groups to prevent certain species to not become extinct. What about saving humans?

We are a beautiful sight to see... our 5 children and myself. We call a crowd and always someone feels they need to comment when they see all of us. "You have your hands full" My response normally is "full of love" but maybe I need to say, "I am preserving our human race." : )

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Reality of Abortion

Great video. Not graphic, but real. Pass it around. Defnitely worth sharing.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sheriff Pelosi...

Wants to send you to jail if you refuse to purchase health insurance?????

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What lies beneath...

Posting an email chain, however brief, may be a bit unorthodox, but the issue is something we should all be aware of, and certainly concerned about.


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Your thoughts are right on. In fact, this approach has been underway nationwide for a few years now. Homosexual activists have been organizing political campaign funds on a national scale and funneling it into state AND LOCAL elections for the express purpose of knocking pro-family politicians out of positions of office and grooming political leaders who support the homosexual agenda for the state and national stage.


What we saw in Maine is just the “tip” of an “iceberg” that is already partially formed beneath the national radar.


Check this out:


We sheep certainly do need to wake up…though the issue is so much more than just political. The fact that morality in this country has digressed so far speaks volumes about other issues…





Hello Everyone,


I normally don't send out mass e-mails like this but I found this particular section of a news story interesting.  Below is the website if you want to check out the entire article but I just want to focus on one section.


The article talks about yesterday's vote in Maine to ban gay marriage.  People voting to ban it won but what it says below I found very interesting.


"That decision has been cited in numerous cases that have followed, as the number of states whose courts have demanded equal marriage rights for gays has grown. But those same cases have also helped fuel opponents, who argue gay marriage is being foisted upon America by out-of-touch judges. In order to counter that argument, Bonauto and other gay-marriage activists in Maine who began organizing to press for gay marriage in Maine decided to avoid taking the issue to court. Instead, they set about electing lawmakers friendly to their cause two years ago, and this year successfully convinced the legislature to become the nation's first to establish gay marriage by statute, rather than decree. "Frankly, we had heard the criticisms about going the court route, and so we said, 'Fine, we'll go to the legislature,'" says Bonauto. "And it has been an incredible campaign." (Watch a video about gay marriage ban in Florida.)".  (Emphasis added)


The article talks about how the popular vote has won out every single time that it has been put to the people and activists who are campaigning for gay marriage rites can see that they are not going to win by least not now.  They also know, as it states in the article, that it is difficult for them to win when "out-of-touch judges" enforce gay marriage onto the public.  Realizing this, they are taking a more long term route but it looks like it may be a more effective one.


They are focusing their efforts on ELECTING representatives who are "friendly to their cause" in hopes of ushering in gay marriage as a "statute rather than a decree".  They know that they cannot win with a popular vote because this is an issue that has gotten people like us off of the couch and out to vote.  However, they are counting on us to not put in the effort to find and elect candidates who will represent us.  Who cares if the majority of the people in our voting districts oppose gay marriage...or any other social, economic or political topic.  If they can get a representative who supports them on their issues then it looks as though that is what the people want.  This is why our representatives vote on most things because it is supposed to be a good indicator of what the people want.


Sorry if I am getting all political and long winded.  If you find yourself reading this message and disagreeing with me then that is fine and I am sorry that I have wasted your time.  I respect your opinion and stance on such touchy issues but this is just something that I feel strongly about and thought that I would share.


Bottom line is that it is easy to show up and vote for one topic in one election but let’s be the kind of politically active people who begin working two years in advance to ensure that we get people in office who will represent us.  We often complain that our country is being taken over yet we have the power to seek out and elect people that we feel represent us in the best way possible.  If you are already doing this then thank you and keep it up.  If not, hopefully I have given you something to think about.


Again, thank you for your time.




It's no wonder Christians have a hard time being accepted as sincere...


Regardless of whether the allegations regarding the video are true, which would be heinous, all I can say is: breast implants? Really? Really?? Sheesh…

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clean Smells are Next to Godliness...

Cute little article about some recent research at BYU. Apparently clean smelling environments tend to lead people to be more fair and charitable. Makes me wonder if one could find a connection between people who are jerks and body odor? Just thinkin...

You can read the article here:

Obamacare = Social Engineering

Just thought I'd say it.

How long until we can vote a sane administration onto capital hill?

Is it possible?