Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Several times persons needing help would call the mayor and ask for the Mormons.

This in the aftermath of the TN floods.


You can read the entire article here:


"OTM" Other than Mexican: If it looks like a Mexican, and talks like a Mexican, it may not be a Mexican...

One serious issue regarding security of our border with Mexico has little to do with people from Mexico (unless you count the fact that Mexican drug cartels are helping these non-mexican’s across the border).


According to a news station in Atlanta, hundreds of people from Middle Eastern countries are illegally crossing into the US from Mexico.


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama Care Likely to Cost MORE Than Originally Estimated

This according to Politico:


All I can say is: Duh!


And this is, of course, just the first ten years. The Obama administration argues that Obama’s declared discretionary spending freeze will keep that extra 115 billion dollar potential discretionary spending in check – based on the promise of a veto. And we should believe a promise from Obama because???????


I personally love this line from the CBO: "The Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit by more than $100 billion in the first decade, and that will not change unless Congress acts to change it," said Kenneth Baer, an OMB spokesman. "If these authorizations are funded, they must be offset somewhere else in the discretionary budget. The president has called for a non-security discretionary spending freeze, and he will enforce that with his veto pen."

That’s right folks. Congress won’t spend the extra money unless Congress decides to spend it, and even if they do, the President will veto that additional spending, even though that additional “discretionary” spending is already called for in the bill that the President signed.


In a related story, I drew an extra $50 in discretionary spending funds from the bank today that I am absolutely not going to spend, unless I decide to spend it, but even if I decide to spend it, my wife might forbid me to spend it, unless I am spending it on something she wants to buy, but that’s ok, because even if I spend that $50 on one thing, I won’t be able to spend it on another, so in no case will I ever actually spend $50 more than I plan to spend.


They must think we’re stupid. Then again, we did vote for this guy. (Well, at least I didn’t).