Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Wonder I Homeschool Our Children!

I am appalled! I have been researching candidates to make sure I make an informed decision in voting November 4th... Well what an eye opener! I have discovered all kinds of personal agendas, mostly the homosexual kind. I believe in a marriage between one man and one woman, no other! And then strict fidelity within that marriage.

Here is a excerpt from
My commentary is in black, the article is in dark green.

"Donations are big issue in District 3 race
LEA-PAC co-chairwomen Chelli Olsen and Connie Duncan said (Barb) Baier impressed the screening committee with her knowledge of the needs and concerns for families and children in District 3. The screening committee liked that she had experience working with a diverse population and "understands the challenges and opportunities faced daily by teachers and parents."
Sounds impressive doesn't it? Guess where she got her funds from?
...the Victory Fund requires of candidates it supports. The agreement ensures the candidate will send all campaign literature and press releases to a Victory Fund liaison, communicate about campaign strategy and fund-raising, share the cost of mailings done by the Victory Fund for the campaign, send thank-you letters to donors and help with fund-raising for the organization.
Outside of the signed agreement, the organization also asks candidates to:
n Be openly gay or lesbian.
n Demonstrate they are viable candidates.
n Endorse federal gay/lesbian civil rights legislation and similar state and local antidiscrimination laws or legislation.
n Advocate for aggressive policies and positions relevant to HIV/AIDS research, education and treatment; gay and lesbian health and wellness; and women's reproductive freedom."
This woman is in the State Board of Education, District 3. She seems impressive, but the "agenda" she now "has" to represent because of the money she recieved, is NOT IMPRESSIVE!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We are the cause for the Financial problems!

I have been thinking about the passed recent bailout in the Senate. Which I am not pleased by! Anyway... In the scriptures in mentions all the time of how people would get prideful and then have a social hierarchy and then not take care of each other and forget God. Then what happened??? Of course all of the following: pestilence, murder, famine, plagues, flying fiery serpents, and the list can go on. We have forgotten the Lord in our schools, in our every day life, in politics, etc.
I want to share an experience that happened while talking on the phone with a customer service representative of a corporation we had dealings with. While we were talking about "business" I had excused myself from our conversation to mention something to my child. I told my child that we would read scriptures after I was done with my phone conversation. The woman on the line whispered, "I am glad you read scriptures with your family. Because of my work environment I cannot say that too loud." paraphrased
Good Grief! What have we succumbed to? When we cannot even mention our belief in God?
So how does this relate to the bailout? We have become a people that are prideful! Our wants have become our needs, and we just cannot live without. So now our Government has taken it upon themselves to "fix" everything! It is not a fix! It is a bandaid on a leaking sore. The bandaid will not stay affixed! Finally and I think the most important, we have forgotten Heavenly Father.